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Embracing the New Year and My Self

Happy New Year! I hope you all had great, fun-, food-, love-, and laughter-filled holidays!


New Year’s Eve celebratory dinner at Mad Mex

Mine were amazing, but hopefully I will get to that more in another post. Today, let’s talk about resolutions!


Started 2017 today with a family 5k

As a blogger and aspiring fitness blogger, I feel like I should have some inspirational or hardcore resolutions for the new year. Or at least something.

I have thought a lot about how to approach this post. I have a ton of resolutions I’ve bounced around in my head, because I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to really take hold of this incredible life that has been given to me.

Some of the resolutions on my “in an ideal world with endless motivation” list include: workout 6x a week, make a career from blogging, drink at least 70 oz. of water per day, eat clean, run through my entire pregnancy, STOP STRESSING and be more confident, be a better mom to Riley, write every day, give back to charity or volunteer, be up, dressed and ready for the day by 6:30, save more money, and the list goes on….

But let’s step back and be more realistic. I am a stay-at-home mom who is 18 weeks along with baby #2. I am not an everyday exerciser. I do not write every day- in fact I haven’t worked on my fiction in weeks (months?!). I have anxiety issues. I am a wisher, a dreamer, a planner… but I need to be more of a DOer.

So after a harsh reality check of WHO I AM and where I want to be, here are my 2017 Resolutions:

1) Have a fit and healthy pregnancy. I want to run at least 2 times a week and do prenatal yoga 2 times a week through April and hopefully until Baby #2’s arrival. After that, I will rest and reevaluate. No distance or pace goals. If I workout more than this, great! But I’m not going to stress myself out if I don’t.

2a) Blog twice a week. Most likely on Mondays and Thursdays to keep them evenly spaced. I hope that you will continue to follow along!

2b) WRITE.


Amazing “Out of Print” banned books mug was a Christmas gift- the titles show up when the mug is filled with a hot drink

This resolution needs some tweaking. I don’t have page numbers set or daily counts in my head yet- I want to start by simply promising myself that I will write regularly. Whether it be my journal, short stories or that lofty novel I’ve been writing in my head.

3) Learn how to and eat healthier.


Mad Mex nachos are not healthy eating. But they are tasty!

I am not going to cut out sugar or carbs or dairy or meat. I love food and it’s so much more than just sustenance for me. I cook and bake for pleasure; I love trying new things and my favorite room in my house has always been the kitchen. But I want to make sure that I keep my diet in check. Drink those 70+ oz. of water a day. Focus more on fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Save sweets for once or twice a week instead of every day.

4) Be the best mom and wife I can be. Keeping my first 3 resolutions will automatically help this one because it will help me to create balance in my life. Of course, those resolutions alone will not make this one happen. My husband and daughter are my world. He is my shoulder to lean on, my partner in crime, my supporter, and he loves me like nothing I could have imagined. I owe so much to him. And my daughter is the absolute light of my life. She seriously makes my heart burst with happiness. I want to be everything to them that they deserve. Which includes controlling my pregnancy hormones a little better Winking smile. I am going to work every day to be present and loving and grateful. Sappy resolution rant over.

Last year, I tried to embrace a certain word every month as well. A word to embody and try to live by. It failed after the second month, but I am going to try again!

January’s Word is:


Not just to to calm temper or have more patience, or to embrace the serenity of yoga. But also to find calm in my life, to accept the things I cannot change- really accept them- and stop worrying so much about the future (near or far). I mentioned above that I have anxiety issues and I want to, well, calm down. Believe that I’m doing the best I can. I don’t have to run 40 miles a week, especially right now. It’s okay if Riley plays by herself while I write a little (I’ve heard that letting the baby play by herself is a good thing, after all). I need to make peace with the fact that not everyone’s life is always going to be perfect, but all I can do during a rough patch is be there for them. I can’t fix everything. I am not at competition with anyone. I want to rediscover and embrace the calm.

Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions? Did you make any? I want to hear all about them!


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